Mental Health Case Management

Mental Health Case Management Services are available for adults with problems relating to mental health. These services provide the following:

  • Evaluation:  Individuals will initially be evaluated to see if they are eligible and appropriate for services that we offer. The individual may receive a mental health evaluation from a certified psychiatrist.
  • Linkage:  Once an individual has been enrolled in mental health case management services, the individual will be linked to services available in the community which will meet their identified needs.
  • Coordination:  We work together with family, physicians, Criminal Justice System, therapists, Department of Social Services, school staff and administration, and other service providers and agencies to work toward the common purpose of helping individuals reach their potential.
  • Advocacy:  We provide a voice for individuals in situations when their own voice may not be heard, in order to empower them to strive toward personal goals.
  • Supportive Counseling:  We provide support and encouragement, and educate individuals on appropriate behavior and conduct and teach valuable coping and communication skills. We encourage individuals to be an active participant in their treatment and to maintain treatment compliance.
  • Follow-up:  We provide regular follow-up by meeting with the individual and coordinating with other agencies that are involved in the individual's life at least monthly and throughout their treatment.

Ellis Square Transitional Living Program

Ellis Square is a transitional residential program for adults with a serious mental illness who want a unique opportunity to work toward achieving independence in community living. Residential supports are available to adults residing in central Virginia and are designed to teach adults to live independently and cooperatively in their community. Residential services are coordinated with other services for continuity and maximum consumer achievement.

Mental Health Day Programs

Spring Center
  • Sycamore Center Clubhouse
  • Spring Center Psychosocial Rehab Program
  • Atlantic House Psychosocial Rehab Program
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Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)


The PACT program is comprised of multidisciplinary mental health professionals organized as a mobile unit to provide the treatment, rehabilitation, and support services that persons with severe mental illnesses need to live successfully in the community. The PACT program is also a licensed Intensive Community Treatment (ICT) program.

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