Adult Mental Health Services

Mental Health Case Management

Mental Health Case Management Services are available for adults with problems relating to mental health. These services provide the following:

Ellis Square Transitional Living Program

Ellis Square is a transitional residential program for adults with a serious mental illness who want a unique opportunity to work toward achieving independence in community living. Residential supports are available to adults residing in central Virginia and are designed to teach adults to live independently and cooperatively in their community. Residential services are coordinated with other services for continuity and maximum consumer achievement. Click here for our printable brochure.

Mental Health Day Programs

Mental Health Day Programs (MHDP) provide a supportive and recovery-oriented environment for psychosocial rehabilitative services in a non-residential setting. Consumers and staff work together in the development and implementation of structured activities involved in the day-to-day operation of the programs. Recovery-oriented services are designed as an integral part of a continuum of care to ensure that consumers remain stable in the community. Psychoeducational and behavioral interventions are provided in a setting in which the consumer's needs are addressed, skills training applied and recovery experienced. Referrals are accepted from providers who offer treatment to individuals with mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

Enrollment is based upon meeting eligibility criteria and a consumer's need for a structured environment. Consumers are those individuals who would benefit from a group modality. Referrals for admission are accepted from any of the offices of the District 19 Services Board, private practitioners under contract, and other individuals who are eligible for services.

Nutritional meal are offered daily i.e. breakfast, lunch and snack.

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

The PACT program is comprised of multidisciplinary mental health professionals organized as a mobile unit to provide the treatment, rehabilitation, and support services that persons with severe mental illnesses need to live successfully in the community. The PACT program is also a licensed Intensive Community Treatment (ICT) program.