Executive Leadership

Jennifer Tunstall, Executive Director
Jennifer Tunstall
Executive Director

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors, an operating board appointed by the localities served. Responsibilities of the chief executive include strategic and operational planning, fiscal management, program planning and evaluation, human resources and workforce development, facilities' safety and security, information systems, compliance with state, federal and licensing agencies' regulations, risk and quality management, and fostering appropriate public relations and client advocacy through state, regional and local linkages.

The Executive Director and her staff are located in District 19's administrative building in downtown Petersburg.


Melissa DeVault, Operations
Melissa DeVault, MS, CP
Director of Operations

Phone: (804) 862-8002 x3049
Fax: (804) 863-1665
Email: mdevault@d19csb.com

Lisa Clark, Finance
Lisa Clark, CPA
Director of Finance

Phone: (804) 862-8002 x3099
Fax: (804) 862-8064
Email: lclark@d19csb.com

Terrelle Stewart, Child & Adolescent Services
Terrelle Stewart, LPC, CPSC
Director of Community & Crisis Services

Phone: (804) 862-6082 x4106
Fax: (804) 862-6158
Email: tstewart@d19csb.com

Michael Thomas, Adult Services
Michael Thomas
Director, Adult Services

Phone: (804) 862-6082 x4106
Fax: (804) 862-6158
Email: mthomas@d19csb.com

Sherri Diven, Child & Adolescent Services
Sherri Diven, LMFT
Director, Child & Adolescent Services

Phone: (804) 862-8002 x3178
Fax: (804) 863-1695
Email: sdiven@d19csb.com

Sherri Diven, Child & Adolescent Services
Letitia Wallace, RN
Nurse Manager

Phone: (804) 862-8002 x3025
Fax: (804) 862-8023
Email: lwallace@d19csb.com